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The Opposite of Building Platform

Good morning, RW friends –

What a fantastic workshop on crafting platform
and proposals – Red Wheelbarrow comes through again. (Thanks, Cami, Susan,
Laura, speakers, and classmates!)  On the heels of such an inspiring weekend, I
read a new article that made me think of you all.

Three Blunders That Can KILL Your Author Platform.  Yikes! So it’s not just about
building platform, but using specific tools and avoiding others? Oh yes – and
author Kristen Lamb is an expert architect. She’s written several books (We
Are Not Alone – The Writer’s Guide to Social Media
and Are You There
Blog? It’s Me, Writer
) and does a smart, funny blog on exactly these
topics. I learned about Kristen a week ago and started following her blog; lots
of good stuff for those of us stepping uncertainly into the social media

Kristen’s post was actually a guest piece for Jane Friedman’s site.
This is another invaluable one for writers; if you’re not already following
Jane, check her out here.

What are your favorite online writers’ resources?

Happy crafting, friends


Climbing On or Falling Off the Platform

This is just to say
My mind is going blank
So much depends
On having
the right planks

Planks that do not fail
Planks that hold a
Help to soar
High in the sky

You might have to be a blogging
whore, but you can pimp it all together
Be brave
Your narrative arc must
have the proper trajectory
To take you from here to there

Write what
you know
We’re all experts

Author – 2011 Non-fiction Class